Comprehensive treatment of industrial waste gas

Ever-Power Pte Ltd. is a high-end equipment manufacturing high-tech enterprise focusing on the comprehensive treatment of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) waste gas and carbon emission reduction and energy-saving technology. We have the ability to test the performance of ceramic heat storage materials, zeolite molecular sieve adsorption, high-temperature incineration and oxidation of VOCs.

Our factory has built an RTO technology R&D center and exhaust gas carbon reduction engineering technology center in Xi’an, China, and a 30,000㎡ production base in Yangling, which is the leading manufacturer of RTO (Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer) equipment and zeolite molecular sieve rotor equipment in the world. Ever-Power Pte Ltd has more than 360 employees, including more than 60 R&D technical backbone, including 3 researcher-level senior engineers, 6 senior engineers, and 2 doctors of thermodynamics; the company takes rotary regenerative oxidation incinerator (RTO) and zeolite molecular sieve adsorption and concentration rotor as its core products, combined with its own expertise in environmental protection and thermal energy system engineering, can provide customers with a variety of industrial waste gas comprehensive treatment and thermal energy use of carbon emission reduction Ever-Power Pte Ltd is committed to “implementing the national military strategy”.

Ever-Power Pte Ltd takes the responsibility of “implementing the national civil-military integration strategy and improving the technology of national environmental protection industry” and introduces products and services with “environmental protection as the purpose, efficient treatment as the specialty and energy saving as the goal”, which are widely recognized by the market. EP Environmental Technology has been widely recognized by the market.

Ever-Power Pte Ltd is committed to pursuing the harmonious development of environmental protection and economic growth with the business philosophy of “Sunshine in mind, all things will prosper”.


Domestic hidden champion
in the atmospheric environment field


  • High-capacity VOCs treatment facilities
  • Indoor process gas/odor removal facilities
  • VOCs/Odor treatment facilities for commercial facilities(Restaurants, coffee shops, etc.)


Provision of direct service
at home and abroad
(China, Europe, U.S.A. and etc.)