Printing industry governance program

At present, EP rotary RTO has been widely used in the printing process production of plastic color printing food packaging medicine packaging materials cigarette packaging printing PVC printing decorative materials wine label printing woven bags and other enterprises’ VOCs governance.

rto-Food packaging industry

Food packaging industry

rto-PVC printing decoration materials

PVC printing decoration materials

rto-Pharmaceutical packaging industry

Pharmaceutical packaging industry

  • Exhaust characteristics: large air volume, low concentration
  • Exhaust gas source: printing oven, compound machine oven of organized exhaust gas; No organized exhaust gas in printing workshop and ink mixing room
  • Waste gas components: ethyl acetate, n-propyl acetate, butanone, isopropyl alcohol, ethanol, propylene glycol methyl ether acetate
  • Process scheme: unorganized collection + zeolite wheel concentration + organized wind reduction and concentration + rotary RTO+ waste heat recovery
  • Waste heat recovery mode: hot water recovery, steam recovery, hot air recovery, heat conduction oil recovery
  • Exhaust gas concentration: 400mg/m³ ~ 5000mg/m³
  • Emission limit: NMHC≤50mg/m³
Printing industry governance program 3d view
Printing plant VOCs treatment and waste heat reuse system diagram
rto-Printed case

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