What is RTO Air Pollution Control?

Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) is a proven technology in air pollution control, especially in controlling Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), odorous substances, smoke, and particulate matter. It offers a sustainable and energy-efficient solution to industrial exhaust treatment.

Benefits of RTO Air Pollution Control

Контроль летучих органических соединений

RTOs are effective in controlling VOCs, converting them into harmless substances like carbon dioxide and water vapor, reducing their adverse environmental impacts.

Контроль за пахучими веществами

RTOs can also eliminate odorous substances in industrial exhaust, contributing to a better working and living environment.

Контроль дыма и твердых частиц

The technology helps filter out smoke and particulate matter, reducing air pollution and associated health risks.

Энергоэффективность и устойчивое развитие

RTOs utilize heat recovery technology, making them energy-efficient and sustainable. This feature aligns with the global trend of carbon reduction and green manufacturing.

Features of Our RTO Air Pollution Control Products

Our company offers top-notch RTO air pollution control products featuring:

1. Heat, combustion, sealing, and automatic control technologies.

2. Temperature field simulation and air flow field simulation modeling capabilities.

3. Ceramic heat storage material properties and zeolite molecular sieve adsorption material selection.

4. VOC organic matter high-temperature Chu burn oxidation characteristic experimental testing capabilities.

Важность регенеративного термического окислителя (RTO)

Охрана окружающей среды

RTOs convert harmful gases into harmless substances, contributing to environmental protection.

Соответствие требованиям

Industrial companies must comply with various environmental regulations and emission standards. RTOs help achieve this compliance.

Восстановление и сохранение энергии

RTOs recover and utilize heat energy from exhaust gases, contributing to energy conservation.

Очистка различных загрязняющих веществ

RTOs can handle various pollutants, offering a comprehensive solution for industrial exhaust treatment.

Устойчивое развитие

The use of RTOs contributes to sustainable development by reducing carbon emissions and conserving energy.

Применение RTO

Приложения RTO

RTOs find applications in various industries such as the printing, film coating, SBS, coating, petrochemical, fine chemical, coking, coal mine gas, Rectisol, industrial kiln, and oil field gas industries.

О нашей компании

We are a high-end equipment manufacturing high-tech enterprise focusing on VOCs exhaust gas comprehensive treatment and carbon reduction energy-saving technology. We have a highly skilled team of over 360 employees, including over 60 R&D technical backbones.

Почему выбирают нас?

In addition to our expertise and technical capabilities, we are internationally certified and offer customized services, advanced production equipment, and excellent after-sales service. We provide comprehensive solutions for industrial exhaust treatment and energy utilization carbon reduction, integrating environmental protection and thermal energy system engineering technology.


Investing in RTO air pollution control is a smart move towards environmental sustainability and regulatory compliance. With our advanced products and services, you can confidently step into a greener and cleaner future.

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