Understanding R Thermal Oxidizer: An Essential Tool for VOC Control

What is an R Thermal Oxidizer?

An R Thermal Oxidizer, also known as Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO), is an advanced pollution control technology that is used to destroy volatile organic compounds (VOCs), odorous substances, dust and particulate matter, thus promoting energy conservation, environmental protection, and sustainability.

Application of RTO in Various Industries

Полиграфическая промышленность

RTOs are used in the Полиграфическая промышленность to remove VOCs from the exhaust air, which is generated during the printing process.

Промышленность пленочных покрытий

The film coating industry applies RTO technology to control the emission of harmful chemicals released during the film coating process.

Промышленность SBS

In the SBS industry, RTOs are used to control the emission of styrene, which is a VOC that can cause health problems.

Промышленность покрытий

The coating industry uses RTOs to control the emission of VOCs generated in the coating process.

Нефтехимическая промышленность

RTOs are applied in the petrochemical industry to destroy VOCs in the waste gas streams.

Тонкая химическая промышленность

In the fine chemical industry, RTOs are used to control the emission of harmful chemicals.

Коксохимическая промышленность

In the coking industry, RTOs play a crucial role in controlling the emission of harmful gases.

Шахтный газ

RTOs are used in coal mines to control methane emissions, which can cause explosions.

Промышленность Rectisol

In the Rectisol industry, RTOs are used to control the emission of harmful chemicals.

Промышленная печь

RTOs are applied in industrial kilns to control the emission of harmful gases.

Нефтепромысловый газ

In the oil field gas industry, RTOs are used to control the emission of harmful gases.

Применение RTO в различных отраслях промышленности

Our Company and R Thermal Oxidizers

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Authored by: Miya