Understanding the RTO Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer

Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) is a state-of-the-art environmental technology designed to control volatile organic compounds (VOCs), odorous substances, smoke, and particulates. It is a system that uses high temperatures to convert harmful gases into harmless carbon dioxide and water vapor, making a significant contribution to energy conservation and sustainability.

Principais recursos de nossos produtos RTO

Our company specializes in producing top-notch RTO systems, equipped with the following features:

– Exceptional VOCs control efficiency

– Superior heat recovery efficiency

– Low operational cost due to energy-efficient design

– High durability and long service life

– Customizable design to cater to specific industrial needs

The Importance of RTO

Proteção ambiental

RTO plays a vital role in converting harmful gases containing VOCs into harmless substances, significantly contributing to environmental protection.

Conformidade com os regulamentos

Industrial enterprises must comply with various environmental regulations and emission standards. Our RTO systems are designed to ensure compliance with these regulations.

Recuperação e conservação de energia

Our RTO systems employ heat recovery technology that recycles and utilizes heat from waste gases, promoting energy conservation and reducing operational costs.

Handling Multiple Pollutants

RTO is capable of dealing with a wide range of pollutants, making it a versatile solution for diverse industries.


By minimizing harmful emissions and conserving energy, RTO contributes to the sustainability of industrial operations.

Aplicativos de RTO

Aplicativos RTO

RTO systems find applications in various industries including Printing, Film Coating, SBS, Coating, Petrochemical, Fine Chemical, Coking, Coal Mine Gas, Rectisol, Industrial kiln, and Oil Field Gas. They are used to control emissions and recover energy in these industries, contributing to environmental protection and operational efficiency.

Sobre nossa empresa

We are a high-tech enterprise focusing on comprehensive VOCs waste gas treatment and carbon reduction energy-saving technology. With a team of over 360 dedicated employees including 60+ R&D technical experts, we provide industry-leading solutions for industrial waste gas treatment and energy utilization.

Por que nos escolher?

Here’s why you should choose us for your RTO needs:

– Extensive industry experience and professionalism

– Internationally certified products

– Customized solutions to cater to specific needs

– State-of-the-art manufacturing equipment

– Exceptional after-sales service

Choose us for a greener and more sustainable future!

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