What is a Valveless Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer?

A valveless regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) is a specialized device used for controlling volatile organic compounds (VOCs), odorous substances, smoke, and particulate matter. It serves a critical role in promoting energy conservation, environmental protection, and sustainability.

Functions of a Valveless Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer

Controle de VOCs

The valveless regenerative thermal oxidizer is designed to effectively control VOC emissions, transforming these harmful compounds into harmless substances, thus significantly reducing pollution.

Controle de odor

Odorous materials can be detrimental to both the environment and human health. The valveless RTO can efficiently oxidize these substances, effectively mitigating the odor problem.

Controle de fumaça e material particulado

The RTO system is also capable of controlling smoke and particulate matter, ensuring cleaner and healthier air quality.

Conservação de energia e sustentabilidade

By utilizing the heat recovery technology, the valveless RTO system can recycle and utilize the heat from the waste gases, thereby promoting energy conservation and sustainability.

Key Features of Our Valveless Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer

Our company specializes in producing high-end valveless regenerative thermal oxidizers with the following features:

  • Efficient VOCs control
  • Controle eficaz de odores
  • Robust smoke and particulate matter control
  • Advanced heat recovery technology for energy conservation
  • Compliance with environmental regulations and standards

Importância do oxidador térmico regenerativo (RTO)

Proteção ambiental

RTOs can transform waste gases containing VOCs and other harmful substances into harmless carbon dioxide and water vapor, thereby protecting the environment.

Conformidade regulatória

Industrial enterprises must comply with various environmental regulations and emission standards. Using an RTO system ensures this compliance.

Recuperação e conservação de energia

Through heat recovery technology, RTO systems can recover and utilize heat from waste gases, thereby promoting energy conservation.

Tratamento de vários poluentes

RTO systems are capable of treating a variety of pollutants, making them an essential tool in industrial pollution control.


By recycling and utilizing heat from waste gases, RTO systems contribute to sustainable development.

Aplicativos de RTO

RTOs find applications in various industries such as the Setor de impressão, film coating industry, SBS industry, coating industry, petrochemical industry, fine chemical industry, coking industry, coal mine gas, Rectisol industry, industrial kiln, and oil field gas.

RTO application in various industries

Sobre nossa empresa

We are a high-tech enterprise specializing in the comprehensive treatment of VOCs waste gas and carbon emission reduction energy-saving technology. We have core technologies in thermal energy, combustion, sealing, and self-control. Our team consists of over 360 employees, including 60 R&D technical backbones, 3 senior engineers at the researcher level, 6 senior engineers, and 2 thermodynamics doctors. Our core products are the rotary regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) and zeolite molecular sieve adsorption concentrator. We can provide customers with comprehensive solutions for industrial waste gas treatment and thermal energy utilization carbon reduction.

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