A Comprehensive Guide to Durr Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer

What is a Durr Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer?

A Durr Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) is a sophisticated piece of industrial equipment used for the treatment and control of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), odorous substances, dust, and particulate matter. This equipment stands out for its energy-saving and sustainable characteristics.

Contrôle des COV

VOCs are harmful substances that pose significant health and environmental risks. The Durr RTO helps to reduce these risks by effectively treating and controlling the emission of VOCs.

Contrôle des substances odorantes

The Durr RTO is also effective in controlling the emission of odorous substances. It uses advanced technology to convert these substances into harmless gases, thus ensuring a cleaner and more pleasant environment.

Contrôle des poussières et des particules

Dust and particulate matter are other common pollutants in industrial settings. The Durr RTO helps to combat this issue by filtering and treating these pollutants, resulting in cleaner, safer air.

Économies d'énergie et développement durable

In addition to its pollution control capabilities, the Durr RTO is also notable for its energy-saving and sustainable features. It utilizes heat recovery technology to extract and reuse heat from exhaust gases, thereby reducing energy consumption and promoting sustainability.

Our Durr Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer Products

Our company specializes in the production of Durr RTOs, and we pride ourselves on offering products with the following features:

1. Superior VOCs control.

2. Effective odorous substances control.

3. Efficient dust and particulate matter control.

4. Advanced energy-saving features.

5. Sustainable design and operation.

L'importance de l'oxydateur thermique régénératif (RTO)

Protection de l'environnement

RTOs play a crucial role in protecting the environment by converting harmful gases such as VOCs into harmless carbon dioxide and water vapor.

Conformité réglementaire

Industrial companies must comply with various environmental regulations and emission standards. RTOs help these companies to meet these requirements by effectively treating and controlling harmful emissions.

Energy Recovery and Savings

RTOs use heat recovery technology to extract and utilize heat from exhaust gases. This results in significant energy savings and contributes to the overall efficiency of industrial operations.

Traitement de polluants multiples

RTOs are capable of treating a wide range of pollutants, making them a versatile solution for various industrial applications.


By reducing harmful emissions and promoting energy efficiency, RTOs contribute to the sustainability of industrial operations.

Applications de la RTO

RTOs are used in various industries, including the printing, film coating, SBS, coating, petrochemical, fine chemical, coking, coal mine gas, Rectisol, industrial kiln, and oil field gas industries. Applications RTO

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